What's Teriyaki Bowl?
Teriyaki Bowl is a new delivery concept providing a delicious product, delivered fast, at a fair and reasonable price. We offer a no-thrills/no-gimmicks delivery experience. We're pioneers in NYC's virtual restaurant world. 

Where are you located? Can I order carry-out/pick-up
Teriyaki Bowl is located online. We utilize 'satellite kitchens' located in Harlem, NYC. There is not a physical store-front location. At this time, we are only delivering.

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What's a satellite kitchen?
A fully inspected and licensed commercial grade kitchen usually in non-prime real-estate locations. There is no extra costs or need for street-level or similar expensive locations. Sometimes sharing a kitchen with an established restaurant occurs. 
We currently have an "A" Food Safety & Sanitation grade from the NYC Health Dept, last graded 12/2017.

How does this work?
We use trusted delivery partners such as Seamless/GubHub to deliver our product. You simply place your order online, and it arrives to you shortly thereafter. You can order at the top of this page, or find us on the Seamless/grubHub app.

Where do you deliver?
Delivery range can vary by many factors including weather, traffic, distance, etc. There is no dedicated delivery map. We're currently delivering in Harlem and expanding into other areas of Manhattan. Once you put your address into the Seamless/grubHub software, it will let you know if we can not  deliver to you. 

I'd like to know more information, who can I contact?
We'd love to hear from you. Click Here for the 'Contact Us' page.